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Double hung windows are a very familiar and traditional style of window. They consist of an upper and lower sash that slide in vertical grooves. Double hung windows are very common in older colonial or Cape Cod style homes in areas such as New England and the east coast. Many people enjoy the traditional look and value that double hung replacement window prices bring to a home at their cost. Double hung windows are also great for increased ventilation in a room.

Double hung Windows as Window Replacements
There are several different ways to arrange a double hung window. They can be set up in single, double (mullion), or in groups of three or more. Sometimes several double hung windows are added around a large window to create the effect of an entire wall of windows. In this case, the installer must frame the openings with headers that are large to support the weight of the roof.

Double Hung Windows and Energy Bills
Double hung windows are an excellent enhancement to the look of the interior of your home. However, double hung windows can also save a homeowner money due to their large widths and increased ventilation that they provide.

Double hung Windows Components
Double hung windows consist of two sashes (an upper and lower). Each sash comes equipped with balances, springs, or compression weather-stripping to hold it in place in any type of location. The weather stripping on the double hung window prevents air infiltration and increases tension on the window by acting as a counterbalance. In some instances, the sashes can even be taken out so that the double-hung window can be painted or repaired.
The jambs of the double hung window which are located on the sides and top of the frames are normally built out of 1-inch thick wood. This allows the double hung window to be placed in drywall or a plastered finish.

Summary of Double hung Windows Benefits
-Double hung windows are energy-efficient windows
-Double hung windows will save you money
-Double hung windows increase ventilation
-Double hung windows can be ordered in different sizes and colors
-Double hung windows can be painted after being installed
-Double hung windows are offered in a wide range of prices to match anyone’s budget
-Double hung windows can be installed quickly by a professional window installer
-Double hung windows will boost your home’s value

Double-hung Window Installers
There are many window installation companies that sell double hung replacement windows. Our Window Replacement takes the hassle out of finding a certified window replacement installer by offering you competitive quotes from several window contractors at once. A representative will come to your home and measure your windows and give you several options to match your taste, home style, and budget. They will then give you a free no hassle quote and answer any questions you might have.

By installing new double hung windows in your home you will save energy costs, reduce maintenance problems, make your home quieter, and increase your property value with these window replacement prices. Double hung windows are a great investment. We offer Free Replacement Window Quotes from local, prescreened contractors.

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